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Self Selecting Supplements - Vitamins and Minerals

I'm sure we all know someone who has used a supplement and claimed it didn't do a thing! Why is this you ask? Are supplements money down the drain?

There's a few points to consider: Did the person self-diagnosis their condition? Did they buy the correct product for the condition? Did they buy a product with a therapeutic dose? Do they have a problem absorbing nutrients? Did they take health advise from their great aunt Mary twice removed? I often get clients with an incorrect diagnosis, then they've chosen a product that isn't suitable for their real condition. Maybe they take pharmaceutical medicines that interfere with nutrient absorption. Or they have leaky gut, celiac disease or SIBO which also affect absorption. They bought a discounted product because it sounded good on the telly.

These are a few reasons, you may not be getting the result from your supplements that you're expecting.

Generally with supplements, you get what you pay for. Quality supplements will have more expensive ingredients, scientifically proven therapeutic doses and bioavailable forms; and this will naturally increase the price over the low cost, cheap and nasty products with poor quality ingredients at below therapeutic dose levels.

Always speak to a qualified professional who is trained to offer you natural health advice. A qualified Naturopath will have a degree in natural health medicine and will assess your symptoms and then offer the right products to help resolve your problem.

My message is simple, ask the right professional, to ensure you are getting the right product, for the right condition, at the right price!

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